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Natural Light



These photos were taken in one of the gorgeous villas in Shangri- La, Boracay. I was there to assist my photographer friend for a wedding shoot. I can't help but gush over the lovely villa from every angle. Aside from the wooden floors and furniture, it is perfectly designed for a natural lighting which is one of the aspects that I personally want for my own place.


Do the Dont's

Here is a simple DIY which I made a month ago. The photo is actually a cut out from a magazine.


Erin Wasson's Venice Beach House

My hangover from my last trip reached to the point where I want to transform my room from
a combo of vintage and modern to something hippie and beach-y. For the new look of my
own sanctuary, I only had to search for photos of Erin Wasson's house, nothing more. 

photosvia interviewmagazine


Rumi Neely's Space

Rumi Neely is my one of my favorite bloggers. I am a fan of her. She just does it right
when it comes to fashion and blogging. Her posts are always interesting and her photos
 are just amazing. Then came her feature at The Coveteur showcasing her one of a kind
 items in her sweet home. I fell in love with her shoes and Chanel vintage bag collection.
 Of course I can't miss her beautiful home. I want her place so bad!!! It's white
 (I always wanted an all white home). I could not help but envy her home decors 
and furniture. AAAAGH, I just love her place for many reasons. It's what I would want
 for my future place, minimalist but not too simple.

photos via thecoveteur


Fashion Offices


Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr of WhoWhatWear

 Lauren Bucquet of Rag & Bone

Rachel Zoe of Rachel Zoe Inc. 

These are my three favorite fashion offices owned by Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr of WhoWhatWear, Lauren Bucquet of Rag & Bone, and Rachel Zoe of Rachel Zoe Inc. I can't choose only one among the three offices because I find all their interior ideas stunning. Visualizing my own fashion office in the future (fingers crossed), I am thinking of white walls, combination of vintage and modern pieces, customized furniture, enormous space and mirrors, lots of fashion magazines and of course what will a fashion office be without those wonderful clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. Ohhh.... I can't stop looking at their fashion offices and now dream of having my own someday. 

images via The Coveteur


White Rooms

photos from weheartit

 I've been obsessing and feeding myself with photo inspirations for white rooms. I've always wanted a beautiful all white room and hopefully (crossing my fingers), I'll be able to start working on my own room very soon!