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Sunday Dose: Mid- Length Locks

I'm tired of my long hair and thinking of cutting it. I like the "not quite short, not quite long" haircut  which I've been seeing in most blogs and fashion events lately. It looks chic and light but still long enough to wear it up and curl it. 



Sunday Dose: Black Lace Bra

I am on a hunt for black lace bras. Black and lace material are both universally regarded sexy. You can never go wrong with it especially if you are wearing a top that lets your bra peek through.

A bra is not just a bra. It can instantly boost your confidence and make you feel sexy from the inside. The same goes with knickers too.



Sunday Inspiration: Effy Stonem on Skins Fire

I just watched Skins Fire episode last night. I missed watching my favorite character ever, Effy Stonem. I love Effy's new persona and styling in the new episode. For those who watched Skins from Season 1, you'll see Effy's transition in her outfits from neo- grunge to chic and sexy corporate style. She swapped her combat boots to heels and toned down her eye make up. Even though there's this change with Effy's wardrobe, her distinct style wasn't totally cut off. I love both her old and new style. 



Sunday Inspiration: White tailored suit

What's lacking in my closet? A perfect tailored white suit which comes with a matching separate. 



Sunday Inspiration: Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week Street Style II

Second set of my favorite styles during the Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week. I just can't have enough of their chic dark outfits. I am especially in love with those all black set of outfits. 



Sunday Inspiration: Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week Street Style

Some of my favorite street style looks during the Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week. 
Loving those playful, colorful and printed outfits as well as their accessories. 



Casablanca to the Sahara


               Waking up early for school on a rainy day is one of the hardest things to do. But not today. This awesome video made me wide awake. I am so inspired to have another adventure again and yes I am thinking of a roadtrip too! Morocco has always been part of my travel list but seeing this video made me want to visit the beautiful country at the soonest time possible. Agh, I miss traveling. I can't wait to finish my school and have both planned and unplanned journeys. 


First set in Polyvore

Spiked by abinavarrete 

Because I was bored and not in the mood to post my pending outfit shots, I thought of making an account in Polyvore few minutes ago. My username isn't available anymore because apparently  I already made an account two years back. How can I even forget that.... I haven't created any looks for reasons I don't even know myself. This is my first set in Polyvore, with almost everything in black. 


Kate Moss for i-D Magazine March 2013

I couldn't wait to get my hands on this magazine. I heart Moss! 

photosvia selectism


Sunday Inspiration: Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

My first Sunday inspiration post for the month of February I believe is just perfect for this month's love hype. Olivia and Johannes are one of the most beautiful and fashionable couples at the present. I can think of many nice couples in the Hollywood industry but I they are on the top of my favorites. 



Sunday Inspiration: Black is Black

Here's to whatever black from fashion to decor to photography to thoughts. 

1. This lacy bra is just sexy!!!
2. Almost everyone's obviously in love with the angry dog shirt by Givenchy
3. Black arm candiessss!!
4. More black items for my room. 
5. I'm in need for new NBS. Color black to be specific.
6. Love this shot plus that feeling of being up somewhere with a nice view of the city.
7.  Yes to this. I just can't wait to be in my next destination. :)

photos via tumblr