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Sunday Dose: Mid- Length Locks

I'm tired of my long hair and thinking of cutting it. I like the "not quite short, not quite long" haircut  which I've been seeing in most blogs and fashion events lately. It looks chic and light but still long enough to wear it up and curl it. 



Unwanted tone

color 2
color 3
clor 1

I visit the salon every two to three months either to have color retouch or to change the shade completely. The main problem when it comes to my hair color is its natural orange tones. My hair colorist' usual solution to this problem is applying ash color to kill the unwanted orange tones. This usually doesn't last for a long time due to hair color oxidation. Hair color oxidation can be caused by shampoos or sun exposure. In my case, it is the latter. 




random striped top, DIY denim shorts, G2000 bag, Zara booties

I had to say bye bye to my blonde locks last Saturday and switched to a darker, but still  a bright shade. 
It was a happy 6 months with my blonde locks but both my stylist and I thought of some changes to my hair color. Instead of the usual light base, he applied a darker base in copper light blonde. I didn't feel like having my highlights retouched because there are still streaks visible in my hair when you check out closely. I guess 
I won't be going back into having a uniform hair color anytime soon.